The founder of feso Coffee, Ms. Alice Huang, is actually the chairperson of a successful accounting firm in Taiwan. Like many other businesspeople with high-pressure jobs and unbalanced diets, she used to suffer from metabolic disorders.
Originally, Ms. Huang had no particular interest in coffee. However, when she happened to receive Mymarfarm Coffee as a gift from a client, she was amazed by the high quality and distinctive tastes of this all-natural, toxic-free coffee, and she became a coffeeholic immediately. Then she learned everything about how the Mymarfarm coffee beans are grown and picked in Myanmar and roasted in Taiwan, and she even began to invest in the coffee business.
Meanwhile, another client of hers is a biotechnology company specializing in cell activation and cell regeneration, and this gave Ms. Huang a brilliant idea: With the global trend toward the use of herbs for health and wellness, why not combine the all-natural, pure, toxic-free coffee from Myanmar with the medicinal plants particularly useful for weight loss? If her two clients could work together, the needs of health-conscious coffee lovers like her to enjoy coffee while staying healthy, energetic, and fit in their everyday life would be easily satisfied!
After a long series of experiments, the feso Coffee series is now available for your health, fitness, fashion, and taste. With its rich, mellow and sweet taste, feso Coffee is more than just a functional coffee but a drink to be enjoyed and appreciated. What’s more, it has made the pursuit of fitness effortless!Have you “fesoed” today?

 The Coffee Dream

of an Expert on Semiconductors

feso  PROBAT

Probatone 12

Our coffee beans are light roasted by Probatone 12, a shop roaster by PROBAT, the German manufacturer of high-end coffee bean roasters founded in 1868. Thanks to its specially developed shovel mechanism, Probatone 12 roasts and cools coffee beans simultaneously, and this results in a highly consistent roast and a uniform bean pattern, making every cup of feso Coffee taste equally flavorful, rich, and mellow.

Mr. Kevin Yi was initially a renowned expert on semiconductors. Since 2010, he has been growing high-altitude coffee beans with natural farming methods in the mountain areas of Myanmar. Mr. Yi grows, selects, dries, and roasts his coffee beans all by himself. In consequence of his dedication, his coffee has both won the hearts of coffee lovers worldwide and been graded as “outstanding” in the SCAA Cupping.
In recent years, Mr. Yi has devoted himself to the development of functional coffee, namely the feso Coffee series, to explore maximum health benefits of coffee. As he always says, “Great coffee comes from high-altitude plantations with freezing temperatures!”

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