Dr. Tsung-Lu Hsieh

Central Clinic & Hospital Ward Director



Dr. Alec Tsai    

HiBeauty Clinic



Dr. Tsai is an attending physician at a well-known aesthetic medicine clinic in Taipei, and he is also a coffee lover. According to Dr. Tsai, research studies by public and private organizations have proved that the polyphenols in coffee help boost metabolism, inhibit oxidation, and enhance the functions of human organs. Therefore, coffee that is brewed from properly roasted high-quality beans can not only give us ultimate enjoyment but also help us fight against aging and stay healthy and fit.

HiBeauty Clinic

No. 126, Minsheng West Road, Datong District, Taipei City



Dr. Tsung-Lu Hsieh

Central Clinic & Hospital Ward Director


The three-highs (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids) occur when food cannot be efficiently used by the human body. Such metabolic disorders weaken the functions of human body cells and are mainly attributed to aging, pressure, and worst of all, foods that are high in sugar or artificial additives, which are usually added for extra flavors or bright colors. In fact, there is so much hidden sugar in foods that we may eat too much sugar without knowing it. High intakes of sugar and artificial additives often lead to cellular inflammation, which has been linked to cancer, and obesity is widely considered a consequence of chronic inflammation.Many research studies have proved that chlorogenic acid (CGA), a highly effective antioxidant, is effective in reducing cellular inflammation, and coffee is just a great source of CGA. CGA helps us prevent weight gain caused by unhealthy diets, boosts our metabolism, and makes us much healthier.”

Central Clinic & Hospital

No. 77, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road,

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Dr. Kawn Nan Cheng

Guang Neng Psychiatric Clinic Director


“Have you ever wondered where our energy comes from? Do you know why we feel energetic sometimes but exhausted at other times? The answers to these questions lie in our dependence on the energy produced by the mitochondria in our cells in order for our body, especially our brain (which consumes more energy than other parts of our body), to work properly.As we grow older, our body produces fewer antioxidants to reduce free radical damage, and this makes our mitochondria work less effectively. To protect and activate our mitochondria to inhibit oxidation, we should live a healthy lifestyle and increase our daily intake of antioxidants. Coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid (CGA), a great antioxidant nutrient very helpful to mitochondria activation. For maximum health effects, coffee products that are high in CGA and low in caffeine are the best choice because they can help us protect our mitochondria and inhibit oxidation while avoiding caffeine addiction.”

Guang Neng Psychiatric Clinic

8F, No. 15, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Daan District, Taipei City

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